Studio 30 Specializes in Slow Motion, High Intensity Strength Training

At Studio 30 we believe strength training is the cornerstone of fitness. Recent literature seems to suggest this is true. High-intensity training not only efficiently strengthens muscles, but also has a profound effect on the cardiovascular system. Studio 30 provides what we feel is the most efficient, safe and effective strength training program available today. Results can be achieved in one 30-minute session a week, a fitness program that fits neatly into any busy schedule.

  • You will work hard during your 30-minute workout, but the results will amaze you. You have to try it to believe it!
  • Studio 30 uses truly state-of-the-art equipment specially engineered for slow motion training, and not found in commercial fitness centers.

Did You Know...

By the time you turn 35 years old, your muscle mass has already begun to decline at the rate of one quarter to one half of a pound per year, even if you engage in regular aerobic exercise. Don't let this happen to you. Start a safe, effective, time efficient high-intensity strength training program with us today.

Proper Strength Rraining Has Important Benefits:

  • Increases muscular strength. Muscles make the body move. We can all benefit from being as strong as possible. Age related muscle loss happens over a long period of time, so it's never too late to start strength training
  • Helps increase bone density. The only way to do this through exercise is with resistance training.
  • Enhances cardiovascular efficiency. Stronger muscles use oxygen in the blood stream more efficiently.
  • Enhances performance in sports and recreational activities, as well as everyday activities. Physicians across the country are seeing the benefits of this unique workout, and not only recommend it to their patients, but they're doing it themselves. Some even have their own high-intensity, slow motion studios. That's how good this workout is.

— Mina Viladas, owner and certified SuperSlow® trainer


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