How It Works

High-intensity means taking each muscle group to complete fatigue, which provides a significant stimulus for the muscles to become stronger. Clients will gradually work up to the desired level of intensity depending on their current physical condition.

Training Protocol

Studio 30 employs a slow-motion training method. This involves lifting the weight for approximately ten seconds and lowering the weight for approximately ten seconds. It also involves unique techniques, including breathing techniques that make for a very safe, low-force exercise experience.

Slow speed accomplishes three important things:

  • Slow speed of movement eliminates the use of momentum,
    making the muscles do all the work.
  • Moving slowly makes it more difficult to jerk and heave the
    weights, creating much less force on the joints, greatly reducing the risk of injury.
  • Slow speed also keeps the muscles under meaningful tension
    through the entire range of motion, efficiently fatiguing the

The Studio

All training sessions are one-on-one in a pleasant, controlled environment, free of excess distractions.

Studio 30 uses state-of-the-art MedX and SuperSlow® Systems equipment, specifically engineered for slow-motion training, and not typically found in commercial fitness centers.


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