Strong Low Back Program

Research has found that low back pain is often due to weak musculature in the lumbar region. At Studio 30 we use the MedX EXL low back machine, which utilizes a patented restraint system for the legs and hips, allowing isolation of the lumbar muscles. The use of MedX low back machines have been extremely successful in helping people strengthen the low back, which has been shown to reduce pain.

Golf Program

If you want to hit a longer ball off the tee, increasing your club head speed is crucial. Strength training, combined with increased flexibility, has been found to be the most effective combination. Our golf program uses the MedX rotary torso and Proflex stretch machine -- the very same equipment used at the Butch Harmon golf schools. These are the same pieces of equipment that were used in the PGA Tour fitness vans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will strength training help me lose weight?
Yes, you can lose FAT! By building lean muscle tissue, you can help boost your metabolism and burn fat calories all the time, not just when you’re active. The high-intensity strength training at Studio 30, along with a modest daily calorie reduction can help you achieve your fat loss goals.

If I’m out of shape. Will this workout be okay for me?
Slow-motion, high-intensity training is among the most safe and effective exercise there is. Depending on your current fitness level, you will gradually build yourself up to the desired level of intensity. It doesn’t matter if you are 70 years old or 20, in great shape or out of shape, this workout will help improve your fitness level.

Don’t I need extra cardio workouts?
When you strength-train with this method you are working your heart quite efficiently; it’s just done in a way unfamiliar to most people. New studies have shown that strength training is very effective in terms of cardiovascular exercise. You’ll be surprised how hard your heart is working when you reach the desired level of intensity in your workout. At Studio 30, it’s all about the quality of your exercise.

Will I get bulky?
It's highly unlikely, especially for women, to get bulky from strength training. You want to build as much muscle as you can. It helps burn fat, increases bone density, efficiently works your heart and just makes everyday activity easier. Most women find that their clothes actually fit better.


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