What People Are Saying

"The slow lifting workout is great. After knee surgery ten years ago I could no longer ski because of the pain in my knee, but only three months after starting my workouts I was able to ski again with no knee pain. I was amazed. Also, the time it saves me is tremendous. I recommend it highly."

— Ted Knetzger, co-founder Greenwich Capital Markets

"Strength training is extremely important, not only for increased muscle mass, but also for increasing bone mineral density. The training at Studio 30 is the most efficient and effective workout I've ever done. It requires working hard, but the results are impressive. I also get a good cardiovascular workout too."

— Joe Carozza, M.D.

"I came to Studio 30 with a knee replacement and a rotator cuff injury. The steady muscle loss from aging had also kicked in, and I was determined not to slowly fall apart. In only thirty minutes of training a week, I'm now leg-pressing over 200 pounds, much to the astonishment of my physical therapist. The knowledge that I'm getting stronger as I age is invaluable."

— Fran McCullough, author and editor

"I came to Studio 30 wanting to lose that last 10 pounds I just couldnít seem to take off by walking everyday. After three months of training with Mina, I began to notice my clothes began fitting better, I'm now down almost three dress sizes. I'm also much stronger and have more energy."

— Sarah Stout

"Studio 30 has been a transforming experience for me. My primary reason for starting super slow weight training was to increase bone density. You can't imagine my surprise when people started commenting about the change in my body shape-- I went down two pant sizes in just over six months! This is the first exercise program I have been able to stick with, and at only 30 minutes a week, I don't think I will ever stop. I highly recommend Mina Viladas and her super slow workout. Try it and see for yourself!"

— Sally Ijams Southport, Connecticut



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